Private and Group Tutoring Lessons

What is Tutoring and how will it benefit my child?

As we all know, children learn best from individual instruction. At Little Scholars Academy we use this approach as an effective method of teaching. We provide a cognitive approach to learning, where the focus is helping children not only understand the why’s and how’s, but also teaching them how to learn. Each program plan is customized to help your child excel, while the teacher is focused on how the individual child learns, thus helping them strive to meet their academic potential.

Now a days classroom sizes are very large and students can easily fall behind in the most critical lessons. Both Private and Group tutoring gives each child a more comfortable environment to succeed with better academic performance. Students will feel less pressure and more at ease to ask questions, make mistakes and absorb new concepts and lessons. Each child will be provided with emotional support along with a positive role model to improve their attitude towards school and new challenges.

Tutoring is helpful for both children and parents as it provides a guideline of what your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses are. Together, we will provide your child with a stronger comprehension in areas that need work, which in turn, will promote confidence and a positive self-esteem for future learning.

Tutoring is an excellent way to build your child’s self-assurance and illuminate insecurities all within an environment they can enjoy!

Group Tutoring Lessons
Private Tutoring Lessons

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