Reading & Homework Club

little-scholars-academy-reading & homework club

This is an integrated program that will provide your child with more opportunities to learn and grow. This program will give your child an academic advantage in reading and writing. They will be able to get help or simply have the opportunity to complete their homework before getting home. Children can bring their homework from school to work on or take part in our individualized reading program. This is a perfect program to add academics into a day that is mostly play based. This program provides the flexibility for your child to work on what they need to, to be able to achieve their academic goals. Children can work on their reading, writing and/or math skills, all while engaging with others who are doing the same thing. The teachers and classroom will provide a structured work-time, as well as instructional free exploration that will focus on improving and strengthening your child's fine motor development and cognitive thinking skills.

3:30pm-5:30pm (Monday-Friday following a regular school day schedule)

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