Full Day Camp

This camp includes 5 mornings of innovative and fun reading and writing activities. Each child will practice and learn the basic skills of reading and writing through phonetics and various other creative activities. The morning portion of the program is a very creative approach that keeps the children engaged while still practicing and progressing with their early learning skills. Older children will learn about past, present and future tense, singular and plural, proper use of nouns/adjectives and verbs alongside with a variety of creative writing and sequencing activities. Children will also practice their printing skills or be introduced to cursive writing.

Each afternoon will vary depending on the theme of the week. Each week, there will be a trip to the library, various parks, a cooking activity, science experiments, and other theme-related activities. Children will be taken outside daily for outdoor games and play; bathing suits are a must!! (weather permitting). This is a creative and fun camp to keep your children learning but also giving them the break they need to enjoy their summer!!!
(AM & PM snacks are provided but lunches must be brought from home (NUT-FREE).


Camp registration will open to the public at the end of Februrary.


Hours: 8:45am - 9:00am - drop off
9:00am - 4:00 daily activities
4:00pm - 4:30 - pick up

Extended camp option 8:30 drop off, and 5:00 pm pick up for an added fee.


All stared weeks are 4-day weeks and are priced at the prorated rate below.

Week 1 (June 27-1) Closed - No Camp
Week 1 (4-8) Pets
Week 2 (11-15) Circus
Week 3 (18-22) Pirates & Water World
Week 4 (25-29) Outer Space
Week 1 (1-5)* Sports
Week 2 (8-12) Mystery & Spy
Week 3 (15-19) Insects
Week 4 (22-26) Pets
Week 5 (29-Sept 1)* Fantasy


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