Purposeful Materials

All classroom materials provide a purpose to each child by having a simple beginning, middle and ending process. These purposeful materials will guide each child to feel needed and included within their environment. .

Hands on Learning

Teachers will provide each child with opportunities to touch, move and explore while engaging in activities that interest them and are real to them, all while instilling academic learning.

Individualized Activity

Teachers carefully prepare all activities to help each child achieve their developmental goals, which in turn, will lead them to academic success.


At Little Scholars Academy our vision is to help your child discover their developmental growth while guiding them to academic success. We strive to instill confidence and a love for learning in each child by providing an environment where early learning skills can be encouraged and fostered.

Advantages of Early Learning and Reading Skills

little-scholar-academy-advantages-of-early-learning-and-reading-skillsThere are many advantages to giving your child a head start to basic skill development. Allowing your child’s mind to grow and exposing them to various learning opportunities will jump start their cognitive thinking. This foundation will better prepare them for academic success for years to come.

The first six years are critical, children learn at a much faster pace than at any other time in their lives. It is important to structure their connections through experiences to help them form the basis of all future learning. A young child’s mind is like a sponge: it absorbs anything and everything that it is exposed to. By carefully setting up a child’s environment, we are not only instilling early reading skills but also a lifelong love of learning that they will carry with them through their lives.

These early reading skills will open doors to your child’s early academic success, allowing them to embrace new information and only needing to focus on one concept at a time.

Exposing young children to early reading skills will improve their attention spans and ability to focus and concentrate. They will have the ability to recognize a larger number of words by sight, which will enable them to learn more from and about their environment.

When a child starts to learn these skills at a young age, there is no pressure for them. They have the time to absorb these basic lessons in a way they can relate to and understand in a learning environment that is fun, not overwhelming. Learning becomes enjoyable and can be introduced in a leisurely manner, thus fostering a love for reading and leaning right from the start.

By giving this opportunity to your child, you can take the time to instill early reading skills as an exciting adventure that they will remember and enjoy, rather than a bothersome chore.


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Little Scholars Academy is proud to offer a nut-free environment. All snacks provided are guaranteed to be nut-free. Please make sure all lunches for camps are nut-free as well.

Little Scholars Academy makes every effort to be environmentally conscious. We strongly encourage parents to pack garbageless lunches and snacks. Please try to use reuseable containers and water bottles.